Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

Unfolding clarity.   That is what's taking place in a big way for me now.   Clarity about what's precious, and how easy it really is to let anything else go.   Clarity in my art.  I have accepted the way I create and why I take so much time with each piece.   I've been encouraged in the past to "not think about it" and make art fast.  There is nothing wrong with that.   It's actually good advice.   But only when I'm intending to do that.   If I'm making a piece of jewelry or something that is to be treasured, I can't just slap it together. I want the recipient to find it meaningful and for it to provoke some type of feeling or memory.    It has to tell a story.   Sometimes I can't fully explain the story in words, but then that is what art and music are for.   I can write technically, but creative writing is not my forte, hence the visual expression.   I'm clear on how I want to live my life now.   But the vision is still unfolding in its details and avenues.   And it's unfolding in colors and brightness right now, with wings, and with loving AND being what I do.  Sorry Rumi for the added comma, but it was just what I was trying to say.   Have a happy, clear day.

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