Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Guys

Missing my Dad today.  When he died, I wanted to do something to honor him, so I turned most of my backyard into a vegetable garden.  I live in SoCal, so we're talking feet not acres.   Gardening was a favorite pastime of my dad's and something I enjoyed as well.  When he was passing, I told him he would still be with me like he was when he was alive and living 2000 miles away and not physically present.   That I would think of him and talk to him while I was puttering around the garden.   This was during the last hour of his life, but I KNOW he understood because I saw something flash behind his eyes, and an ever so slight move of his head.   Thanks Dad for teaching me to be independent and kind.   And for drilling into my head to pay the bills first and not buy things on credit.  And so much more.

I think most guys are good guys and sometimes we forget that they have feelings and needs and they hurt too.   So if you have a good guy or know one, he would probably be really jazzed to hear you tell him how much you appreciate him working hard to support the family, fixing the car, or whatever.   And maybe tell him how you know he doesn't necessary feel like doing all those things, but he does because that is how he shows his love.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. What a great story and a great garden to talk to your dad in. I tell my dad all the time that I love I reminded him how I miss standing on his feet while he danced me around the room!

    Joy.............all ways!

  2. Thanks, Joy, for sharing your story as well. I remember walking around while standing on my dad's feet too! No dancing though! :)