Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally, Some Jewelry!

I chose this necklace as my first piece to post because...well lots of reasons.   I have made several of this design after first wearing it to the ER of all places.   The inspiration for the piece was a reminder to myself, since I had just learned that my dog had a terminal illness.   So back to the ER...I got a bug in my ear, literally, one night about 11pm.  I felt it fly in and then could hear it's wings fluttering around.  Talk about FREAKED out!  I jumped, yelled, screamed, tried to rinse it out, you name it.   It was so creepy, there was NO way I was going to wait until the next day to go to my doctor to remove it.   The nice lady who came into my little cubicle to get insurance info, etc., started crying when she saw my necklace!  I mean sobbing, just serious stuff.   She asked me where I got it and explained that her sister was dying of cancer.   I should add that this first version of the necklace was slightly different on the bottom.   I soldered a jump ring to the last charm and added a few dangles, including a cross, a crystal, and some small beads.

I hugged her and we talked and shared stories for a bit.   Then I felt the most overwhelming feeling to give her the necklace.   I did NOT want to do it, because I loved it.  But, hey, when God gets a hold of your heart, he won't let go.  So off it came, and I put it on her neck, and she kept trying to give it back to me and I kept saying keep it.   She ended up with the necklace, and I ended up with way, way more.

I apologize for the quality of my photos.  I am using the camera on my iphone.  A decent camera and learning how to use one is on my list, but as of now, I hope these aren't too painful for the eyes.


  1. I'm working on it. I really need a better camera. Thanks for stopping by.