Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm going to eat this eventually...

..when my friend gets done playing with it! I wanted to take a simple picture of some veggies I picked from my garden, but he wanted to "stage" it. It all worked out. I sliced up the veggies, tossed in a little balsamic vinegar, some chili pepper infused olive oil, a little S&P, and a few squirts of lemon juice. Put the whole thing in the oven to roast for about 20 mins, then piled it on killer ciabatta loaves topped with mayo and just picked lettuce. Pretty awesome, I tell you. My friend described it as "comforting." This was good to hear since he LIVES on Cheetos and ice cream. You wouldn't think snow peas taste good on a sandwich, but they really do when cooked like this.  I admit I didn't eat the nasturtiums.  They were just to add color.  I know they are edible, but for some reason, I won't even try them.  What are you all making to eat for your Memorial Day weekend?

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