Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gryphon Love

I'm in love with my new Gryphon grinder and bandsaw.   My dad was a mechanic, and I spent 5 years working in a tool room, so I've played around with tools most of my life.  Although my previous grinder did an adequate job, the Gryphon is off the charts better.   And the bandsaw...pure love.   Most importantly, the customer service is fantastic.   They don't sell direct, but if you have a question about their products, Alan in customer service is about the nicest, most helpful person you could ever hope to have answer the phone.  I could have talked to him all day.  Here is their website:       Gryphon Corp

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tonight's the Night

Actually it was last night.   I have a fishbone cactus that never looks very healthy.   However, once a year, for one night only, it blooms with the most amazing smelling flower.   It's pretty special, given that most years I miss it!   It smells like a cross between an orange blossom and a honeysuckle.   It's quite gorgeous too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

Unfolding clarity.   That is what's taking place in a big way for me now.   Clarity about what's precious, and how easy it really is to let anything else go.   Clarity in my art.  I have accepted the way I create and why I take so much time with each piece.   I've been encouraged in the past to "not think about it" and make art fast.  There is nothing wrong with that.   It's actually good advice.   But only when I'm intending to do that.   If I'm making a piece of jewelry or something that is to be treasured, I can't just slap it together. I want the recipient to find it meaningful and for it to provoke some type of feeling or memory.    It has to tell a story.   Sometimes I can't fully explain the story in words, but then that is what art and music are for.   I can write technically, but creative writing is not my forte, hence the visual expression.   I'm clear on how I want to live my life now.   But the vision is still unfolding in its details and avenues.   And it's unfolding in colors and brightness right now, with wings, and with loving AND being what I do.  Sorry Rumi for the added comma, but it was just what I was trying to say.   Have a happy, clear day.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Sulphur

I can't believe it worked, my crazy experiment.  (see profile about art and science for more irony)  I can't possibly be the only person who has thought of this.    My over the top sense of smell is a blessing and a curse.   Like the time I smelled gas that no one else did, including the electric co. guy, but when he got his little tester out, we were living in a potential time bomb due to a gas line leak.  OTH, I'm super sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, etc.   Back on subject, I really dislike the smell of liver of sulphur for adding patina to my jewelry.  Seriously dislike.  So I got to thinking about sulphur and egg yolks... Since I no longer have my darling Itchy and Scratchy...
I asked a friend to bring me 2 very fresh eggs from his pet chickens.  I hard boiled them, roughly chopped them up and put them in a plastic sandwich bag.  Next I inserted the various components of my necklace along with a few random pieces, such as rondelles and jump rings and sealed the bag up.  I'm thinking maybe in a few days there would be some patina on the pieces.  I went to fold laundry, came back 20 minutes later, and my pieces were black!!!  I was so happy!  I rinsed them off and polished as usual.  This is the downside; the little egg pieces get caught in the cracks and crevices of your pieces.  But I'll take the trade-off any day.  Lovely patina without that nasty, fatal-if-inhaled-or-swallowed liver of sulphur.  Yay!    Happy 4th of July!  Happy Birthday, America.  I am so blessed to live here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gourd Art

If you live in Southern California, the Welburn Gourd Festival is this weekend in Fallbrook, CA.  There are some amazing artists displaying their work there, and it's a great place to get gourds for your art projects.   I decorated this pot with a gourd attached to some hammered and torched copper.  The original inspiration was in a Somerset Studio magazine years ago, but I can't remember the artist.   It was originally intended as a necklace, but it ended up changed around and wired onto a pot instead.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Guys

Missing my Dad today.  When he died, I wanted to do something to honor him, so I turned most of my backyard into a vegetable garden.  I live in SoCal, so we're talking feet not acres.   Gardening was a favorite pastime of my dad's and something I enjoyed as well.  When he was passing, I told him he would still be with me like he was when he was alive and living 2000 miles away and not physically present.   That I would think of him and talk to him while I was puttering around the garden.   This was during the last hour of his life, but I KNOW he understood because I saw something flash behind his eyes, and an ever so slight move of his head.   Thanks Dad for teaching me to be independent and kind.   And for drilling into my head to pay the bills first and not buy things on credit.  And so much more.

I think most guys are good guys and sometimes we forget that they have feelings and needs and they hurt too.   So if you have a good guy or know one, he would probably be really jazzed to hear you tell him how much you appreciate him working hard to support the family, fixing the car, or whatever.   And maybe tell him how you know he doesn't necessary feel like doing all those things, but he does because that is how he shows his love.

Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This necklace was "borrowed" and not returned, or grew legs or something, but I still like it so here it is.  I was dreaming when I made this.  Dreaming of following my dream.  You know when you have that super positive, all is lined up perfectly moments?   I think maybe everything is really always that way.  We just have to trust it will unfold and all things will work towards our good if we just keep showing up and doing our part.   Show up today, and let happen whatever is supposed to happen.